Federico Browne Tennis

At the end of 2005, a quiet storm arrived in Burbank California. People were calling it Federico Browne. He did not talk much, he did not smile or laugh that often, but the sound of thundering tennis balls grew steadily from wherever he was on the court. He increasingly drew more attention and his presence [...]

Alex Ojai

Alexander Sarkissian makes a name for himself by winning the 2011 Ojai Championship for his school Glendale College. Congratualtions Alex!

Tennis Kids

One of the hottest subjects in contemporary youth sports concentrates on the function parents play in their kids’s sports experience. Over the last decade, various media reports have concentrated on unacceptable adult behaviors. In tennis, for example, a pattern of unacceptable actions by a moms and dad of one extremely ranked member led that parent [...]

fede studio city

Fede is now available in Studio City! The pro training group will now take place at Weddington Tennis as well as any private lessons that were previously scheduled before 3pm.   Weddington Tennis is located on 4141 Whitsett Ave Studio City 91604.   Good luck on the courts!

Cheating In Tennis

The following is an excerpt from the USTA: “Cheating” & Gamesmanship Q. During a recent junior match, the boy my son was playing started talking loudly, saying “C’mon, right here” just as my son stepped to the line to serve. He did it repeatedly late in the match and only just as my son started [...]